Wednesday 24 May 2023

Lost Rugby Union Clubs - South Yorkshire

Between 1987 and 2022 fourteen South Yorkshire rugby union clubs went out of existence. Some of those clubs appeared to be well established and were able to organise multiple teams while others just managed to field one team and, as result, were often unable to cope with the loss of a few key players.

Rossington Hornets RUFC

Rossington Hornets were an unusual rugby union club in that they managed to become established in a village that had always been seen as a rugby league stronghold.

In 2005 the newly formed rugby union club took over the facilities at Rossington Miners Welfare that the amateur rugby league club also known as Rossington Hornets had previously used.

Rossington Hornets RUFC

The club played in the lower Yorkshire divisions and apart from the early years struggled to win many games. The team was made up initially of former rugby league players augmented by a number of young players brought to the club by their first coach. Unfortunately, Rossington’s lack of success meant that good players often moved to more established Doncaster clubs and for their last two seasons Rossington struggled both to raise a team and win games. The club folded in 2017 having finished bottom of Yorkshire Six.

What happened to the other thirteen South Yorkshire Clubs and rugby union in Yorkshire between 1987 and 2022?

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